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National C-FAR Mission Statement

Description: National C-FAR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, consensus-based and customer-led coalition that brings food, agriculture, nutrition, conservation and natural resource stakeholders together with the food and agriculture research community, serving as a forum and a unified voice in support of sustaining and increasing public investment at the national level in food and agricultural research, extension and education.

Mission: Through education and outreach efforts, National C-FAR is seeking to sustain and enhance federal funding for food and agricultural research, extension and education to help bring about research outcomes that provide a range of major public benefits, including:

  • Safer, more nutritious, convenient and affordable foods delivered to sustain a well nourished, healthy population
  • More efficient and environmentally friendly food, fiber and forest production
  • Improved water quality, land conservation, wildlife and other environmental conditions
  • Less dependence on non-renewable sources of energy
  • Expanded global markets and improved balance of trade
  • More jobs and sustainable rural economic development

National C-FAR also supports expanded public participation in research priority setting and funding.

Mission Statement unanimously adopted by Board of Directors, September 23, 2004


A long term objective of National C-FAR is to double public investment at the federal level in food and agricultural research, extension and education.

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