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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

NCFAR brings together entities representing research “customers”—organizations that need and benefit from USDA Research, Education, and Economics (REE) outcomes—with research and extension institutions, scientific societies, foundations and other stakeholders. 

Our global food and agriculture system faces multifaceted challenges that severely threaten America’s social, environmental, and economic resources. Critical research and educational gaps will impact climate smart agriculture and nutrition security for all supply chain customers of USDA REE.

Federal research investments provide funding for USDA research, land grant colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, historically Black colleges and universities, and Extension programs throughout the nation. 

We are actively engaged in the annual budget and appropriations processes and farm bill development and implementation, with a focus on advancing the broad mission objective of sustaining and increasing federal funding for USDA REE. 

Our unique strength also lies in education and outreach initiatives, such as the highly successful seminar series on Capitol Hill. 

NCFAR works to complement efforts of allied groups, such as APLU, the AFRI Coalition, Friends of ARS & NASS, and SoAR.

Classes of Membership


Membership and participation in NCFAR is open to those who support its purpose and objectives. There are three classes of membership: National, Affiliate and Honorary. 


A National Member shall be a national not-for-profit or non-profit organization, corporation, association, co-operative, or other business entity whose business and purpose is similar or related to the purpose of this Organization. A National Member shall be a voting member entitled to one vote on matters subject to voting by the members entitled to vote.

  • Dues: $2,500 for organizations with annual budgets over $5 million and $1,000 for all others.


An Affiliate Member is any organization, individual or corporation, profit, not-for-profit, or non-profit, supportive of the purpose of this Organization. An Affiliate Member shall designate one non-voting representative who shall be referred to as the "Contact Person" for that Affiliate. Affiliate Members include:

  • Corporate Member Dues: $2,500.
  • A local, state and federal government agency, or a university unit dues: $1,000.
  • A regional, state or local organizational member, a not-for-profit stakeholder association or organization dues: $500.
  • Individual dues: $100.